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Moringa monoi oil

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Moringa is een recente Special Oil van Hei Poa. Onbeschrijflijk verfijnd door zijn kruidige karakter waarin cardamon en citrus de boventoon voeren.
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In addition to the popular Classic oils, Hei Poa also regularly releases a Special.
Moringa  is such a Special. With its spicy character and wood tones really irresistible.
Leaves of the Tiare flower and the Moringa tree form the basis of this Monoi oil.
Supplemented with Cardamon, Heliotrope, Citrus and Vanilla.

Contains 96% Pure Monoi de Tahiti.
Free from dyes and preservatives.
Hei Poa Oils are Vegan and not tested on animals.


Monoi de Tahiti is a skin-soothing oil, composed of two authentic natural ingredients: the Tiare flower from Tahiti and the oil from the Polynesian coconut.
The unopened flowers are picked by hand and the pistils are removed. The flowers are then soaked in the coconut oil for 10 days to allow the scent of the flowers to soak into the oil. The rule is that at least 12 Tiare flowers are used per liter of oil. Only then can the end product call itself Monoi de Tahiti. Hei Poa proudly carries this quality mark. But beware: unfortunately there are also many counterfeits of Monoi on the market at the moment.

Monoi is an old Tahitian word meaning "scented oil." And has been used by Tahitian women since our era for the daily care of their skin and hair. Babies are rubbed with it to keep their skins soft after a bath. But surfers, divers and Maori seafarers also like to use Monoi to protect their skin against the influences of the salt water and the sun. It is also used as a bath oil, suntan lotion, for hair care, massages and as an emollient after sunburn.


Research shows that Monoi is rich in methyl salicate. This is a skin calming agent, a natural and concentrated substance that has a soothing effect and penetrates into the skin. The epidermis is kept supple and protected against water, sun and wind. In addition, it has a nourishing and restorative effect on the hair.




Because the oil is kept as pure as possible, it solidifies at a temperature below 22 degrees. So put the bottle in the sun or under the warm tap. Or take it with you in the shower. After showering, the oil is liquid again, fragrant and ready for use.